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Welcome to
Laboratory for Precisely Designed Smart Food 

Zipei Zhang, Ph.D

     Assistant Professor

     Division of Food, Nutrition & Exercise        Sciences, University of Missouri

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. degree in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst under the supervision of Prof. McClements in 2019. He was a postdoc associate in the laboratory of Prof. Kohane and Prof. Robert Langer between 2019-2022 in Harvard Medical School. Dr. Zhang joined Mizzou in 2023 as an assistant professor in the Division of Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences at the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

Principal Investigator

Our aim is to develop revolutionary novel strategies to solve current most pressing concerns in food and biomedical areas. We are devoted to development of precisely designed “smart systems” based on physical chemistry by using food ingredients as building blocks to improve the food quality, safety and nutritional properties. We are also exploring the utilization of food grade ingredients to develop “smart systems” for biomedical applications.

If you are interested in our research or have any questions about what we do, please feel free to contact Dr. Zhang by email.


Feb 2023. Pro. Zhang was invited to deliver a talk of  "Broaden the Application of Phytochemicals in Food and Pharmaceutical Areas" in Mizzou CAFNR Research Council Webinar Series.

Jan 2023. Congrats Zhang lab for precisely designed smart food officially open.

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